Psychic Development Level 2 – Leading a Guided Life



Leading a Guided Life

The Psychic Development Circle w/ Energy Medicine Level 2 (PDC w/ EM Level 2) takes attendees to deeper level of connection with Spirit Guides and Angels in order to develop “A Guided Life”.

Topics include:

  • Connecting with Ancestral Guides
  • Aligning Purpose with Ancestral Guidance
  • Identifying Generational Gifts
  • Connecting with your Guardian Angel & the Ministry
  • Deep readings with (and for) one another
  • Automatic Writing
  • Keeping Guides Close
  • Leading a Guided Life…….and so much more!


– Classes are once a week via Zoom
– Six 2-hr classes  
– Tuesdays, Aug 16-Oct 22, 2022 
– Time: 11:30am-1:30 pm Central / 12:30-2:30 pm Eastern (Class times may change anywhere from 10-12:30 depending on availability of attendees)
– Cost: $175 (~$25/class)
– Discounted cost for returning students: $150
– Class size is limited to 8-10 people


Why should you take this from me?

This class addresses a longing I had all my life, perhaps you have wished it for yourself too. I always wanted to be in such close contact with God/Source/Great Spirit/the Divine that I would lead a life that is Guided. A life in which I can seek and receive Heavenly input for difficult decisions and questions I might have. This class helps you develop the skills, connections, and practices to lead such a life.

*Level 1 Class (Psychic Development Circle with Energy Medicine) is a required prerequisite.

Additional information

Leading a Guided Life

6-Class + Bonus Class Course, 6-Class + Bonus Class Course for Returning Students