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Does life feel as if you are losing ground?

Do you feel everything you start suddenly falls apart?

Is stress eating you up?

Let us show you ways to counteract chaos, confusion and vulnerability.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
with Eden Energy Medicine (EEM)

This class will teach the basics of mindfulness meditation through the practice of techniques followed by discussion. Energy Medicine and acupressure points to enhance meditation will be included. These techniques can be used for a lifetime of successful coping, calmness, and peace.

Wednesdays: Sep 8 – Nov 17, 2021 (skipping Nov 3)

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Experience Your Own Power!

NEW! Eden Method Fundamentals Program 2022

Choose San Antonio or Chattanooga!

Based on the empowering work of Donna Eden, Level 1: Fundamentals will teach you the core techniques of Eden Energy Medicine. You’ll learn about the body’s energy systems and techniques to keep those energies balanced and flowing for optimal health.

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Enhancing Motivation & Enthusiasm with Eden Energy Medicine


If your client is not motivated, your best treatment will do little for them.

What if we built motivation into our treatment protocols and made motivation enhancers the first exercise of our home programs?!

November 17, 2022 12-2pm

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Available for Telehealth Sessions for Eden Method [Energy Medicine], EFT, or Meditation.

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FREE Donna Eden Energy Medicine Daily Energy Routine

FREE 3-6 Minute Meditations

As many are challenged during these very uncertain times, I created a FREE video and several FREE meditations.

The Video Contains an Exercise Routine to Improve Health & Happiness, and Strengthen Your Immune System

The Meditations Recordings Provide Much Needed Calmness.

Simply Aging? or
Age-Enhanced Enchantress?

• By definition, young old is 65-75, middle old is 75-85, and old is 85+
• Therefore, I am young.
• Yet, I’ve more wisdom than the typical youth.
• I live with my entire heart.
• I reach for my goals.
• I laugh often and loud with people who are like me.
• I know how to take care of my physical and emotional health.
• I belong to a tribe of people who love and support one another.
• Want to join us?
• Come. Learn the Eden Method of Energy Medicine.
• Four 4-day weekends for a one-year course. Begins late June.
• It’s worth it. I promise.
• Contact me or sign up here.

Age-Enhanced Enchanters also welcome!

The Energies Within Us are Dynamic Forces for Health and Happiness

The VitaLife Center provides a comprehensive collection of practices and therapies focusing on improving mind-body functioning. With expertise in numerous modalities, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), our mission is to benefit individuals and corporations through training classes and workshops, as well as individual treatment sessions.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


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Valerie Rice is a natural born healer. I have been recovering from lower back surgery. Valerie has been very instrumental to my recovery. She has a gentle approach, yet her technique Is very powerful. I would highly recommend her. Kindest Regards, Christine Huff This customer rated you highly for value, professionalism, work quality, responsiveness, and punctuality.
- Christine H.