Eden Energy Medicine Training

Energy Medicine is the practice of assessing one’s energies, which can become blocked, stuck, or sluggish. During treatment an energy medicine practitioner provides interventions to help the body resume its natural energy flow. Your body then helps itself to heal.

Examples of energy practices include: Acupuncture, Eden Energy Medicine (EM), Healing Touch, Reiki, Touch for Health, and Yoga.

EM incorporates Eastern Medicine evaluation and treatment techniques such as acupressure, meridian tracing, Chakras, Auras and various treatments designed specifically for “what ails you”.

One of the beautiful things about EM is that you can do it for yourself, once you learn the techniques!


Enhancing Motivation & Enthusiasm with Eden Energy Medicine

Do You Want to Increase:

Client Compliance?
Rapid Recovery?
Swift Showing of Improvement?

If so, this class is for YOU.

During this 2-Hour Class you will learn:

  • Motivation Exercises. Clients will stay on track with Self-Care Homework if they start out motivated.
  • A Mini-Motivation Protocol. This will improve motivation for those who are unmotivated.
  • Quality Questions for a EFT Tapping Route to Recuperation Acupressure, Eden Energy Medicine, & Meditation Motivation Exercises


2-hours (first class) via ZOOM

$75 for new students; $50 for returning students

17 November 12-2 pm EST


Why should you take this from me?

I first began putting together techniques to increase motivation to help myself. Additionally, I’ve noticed that some of my clients who are receiving interventions and education (via Eden Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness Meditation, Occupational Therapy, and Ergonomics) do not follow through with their homework. Mind you, I give minimal homework specifically so clients will do the exercises that help with healing. Still, clients are not always faithful with their home exercises. SO – I started assigning clients one of the more than 15 motivation exercises I use myself. Motivation exercises are the first part of their homework. They include  acupressure, Eden Energy Medicine, a mini-motivation protocol, strong motivational vibrations, and Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) verbiage. 

Guess what…it worked. I now get greater client compliance and my clients get better faster

Why spend your time doing similar research on your own to discover these techniques?

Join me for this 2-hour ZOOM class so you can continue to help your clients, help themselves!

Eden Method Fundamentals Program 2022

Dr. Valerie J. Berg Rice (Vita)

Explore and master the art of Energy Medicine in an intimate, in-depth program to develop the tools and techniques needed to unlock your body’s natural healing power. The Eden Method Fundamentals Program will provide the training you need to make a huge positive impact on your own health and the health of your family, friends, and clients.

Eden Method Level 1: Fundamentals Program is a one-year program designed by Donna Eden and her faculty members. The curriculum is based on Donna’s 35 years of successful practice and research using energy as a main tool for bringing on healing and wellness.

Students who successfully complete the Level 1 Fundamentals Program have the option of applying this class work toward Level 2 to complete Certification Training in the Eden Method. Successful completion of both levels allows the graduate to become an Eden Method Certified Practitioner.

Please visit Eden Method Fundamentals for more information. 

VitaLife Center Eden Energy Medicine (EM) Training

Two types of energy-based group training are currently offered.

  • Eden Energy Medicine (EM) 101 – 1 Day

  • Eden Energy Medicine (EM) 102 – 1 Day, Energy Medicine 101 is a prerequisite

Learn EM for Vitality, Health, and Joy!

Impact YOUR OWN Health through Acupoints and Exercises in a fun, supportive, small-group setting!!

EM 101 (Day 1): Introduces the basics of EM Training, including –

Introduction to Energy Medicine (Pre-requisite for EM 102)

Learn self care techniques to:

*REV-up by restoring your Resilience, Energy, and Vitality

*De-stress and Feel Calm

*Think Clearly – Sharpen your Comprehension, Memory, & Recall

*Clear Toxins/congested Energies

*Strengthen your Immune System

*Release Negative Emotions

*Feel more Connected

*Learn about grounding

EM 102 (Day 2): Includes an Introduction to –

Introduction to Energy Medicine (Part 2) (Builds on EM 102)

Learn to:

*Keep your Aura Vibrant

*Energy test yourself and others

*Test before you Ingest

*Diminish Pain

*Provide balance and deep relaxation for yourself and others

It’s hands-on!

  • Practice techniques with each other
  • Calm and balance the energies of your body and mind through a min-session (giving & receiving)

Next EM 101 & 102 Trainings – TBA

VitaLife Eden Energy Medicine (Eden Method)

Benefits of EM

With EM training, you will learn and experience – 

Relieve Stress

Strengthen Immune System

Diminish Pain

Decrease Anxiety

Manage Weight

Relieve Allergies

Improve Digestion

Accelerate Recovery

Overcome Life-long Blockages, Self-defeating Beliefs, and Patterns of Behavior

Embrace Life with Greater Joy and Peace

Sharpen Thinking

Increase Energy

Shown below, is an example of a meridian tracing exercise used in EM. A playlist for all the meridians is found here.

There are also numerous daily energy routines; below is one example. The full playlist can be found here.