Is Your Life Path the Path of a VitaLife?

VitaLife Insight: Lessons from the Chair is a gentle introduction to the Mystical – by Dr. Valerie (Vita) Rice.

“Listen beyond the words, as messages for you are all around you and within you. When you learn to listen, you do not have to walk around with unanswered questions any longer.”

I wrote this book to share an experience I had at a Veterans Retreat for women. 

Before the Veterans Retreat, I had attended several meditation retreats over several months. It was wonderful to spend time in this way, at retreat centers where attendees are seeking health, healing, and spiritual learning. Powerful feelings of openness and receptivity arose in me. Perhaps that is why this experience was possible, and surely the guidance and the beautiful physical environment played a part. 

The spiritual experience I had, and have described in VitaLife Insight, marked the beginning of a new path for me. I offer it now to you so you too can hear the message. I am simply the bearer of the message. Although I’ve included my own interpretation, I think you might want to decipher its significance for you and your own life.