Dr. Valerie Rice

Dr. Valerie Rice is a practitioner and a scientist, who is committed to helping you develop the skills you need for a happy, healthy and vital life. 
“I believe we can influence our own health and improve our resilience, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase our performance through what we do, and I’m here to help you do just that.”

“After years reading, soul searching, teaching classes in guided relaxation and meditation,  and serving in a number of occupations, I was introduced to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) through a desire to conduct research on its’ effectiveness with Service Members and Veterans. It brought me back to daily meditation in my own life. As it became known that I had been trained to offer MBSR, individuals began calling and asking me if they could attend my next class. Therefore, in addition to my research with the military, I have been offering MBSR classes to interested individuals in the Chattanooga, TN area, and teaching classes throughout the United States.

I began looking into Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Techniques for the same reason, to examine whether such practices could be of assistance to military service members, wounded warriors, veterans and their families. Once again, when others heard about my training and research, they asked me to teach them what I know, to offer classes, and to help them strengthen their energetic systems. Clearly, the techniques can be helpful for anyone, military or civilian, young or old, fit or needing to improve fitness.

I hope those who attend my trainings will begin to understand the power and potential for a more peaceful and fulfilling life that already resides within them. Through our lives we struggle with the frantic pace of life, stress and stressors, pain and illness, loss, anxiety, illness and self-esteem issues. Getting our lives ‘in control’ can seem overwhelming. Through these classes, workshops, and individual sessions, it is my intention (and my hope) that those attending will gain in health, self-compassion, insight, and inner strength… and they carry these skills and sense of calm with them, sharing them in their interactions with others.” – Dr. Valerie Rice


Dr. Rice has Attended Courses at the Omega Institute, Including:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Mind-Body Medicine: A 7-Day Professional Training  Retreat taught/directed Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli
  • 9-Day Practicum in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Living Inside Participant-Practitioner Perspectives, which included Mindfulness Tools for the Full Catastrophe: A 5-Day Intensive in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction taught/directed by Melissa Blacker and Florence Meleo-Myer
  • The 8-day Teacher Development Intensive course taught by Florence Meleo-Meyer from the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness.  
  • A three day conference on Alternative Medicine for Veterans, as well as a Healing Retreat for Women Military Veterans (2012 and 2013)

Other Courses/Events Attended by Dr Rice Include:

  • Silent retreats at Spirit Rock
  • Classes by Dr. Hickman and Allan Goldstein (UCSD Mindfulness Center)
  • mPEAK: Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness and Knowledge, offered at the University of California – San Diego Center for Mindfulness 

Among the Teachings and Presentations by Dr. Rice:

  • Mindfulness with Military and Veteran Populations: presented at the “Annual International Scientific Conferences for Integrating and Integrating Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society” sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Division of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine 
  • Introduction to Mindfulness: presented at the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society Conference
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: presented at the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society Conference
  • The Use of Mindfulness with Clients with Drug and Alcohol Problems
  • Mindfulness for Occupational Therapy Practice
  • Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness 
  • Calm, Cool and Collected (C3): Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Abbreviated Mindfulness Training (2.5 hrs/day for 4 days)

Energy Medicine

Dr. Rice has is registered as an Eden Energy Medicine – Clinical Practitioner.

This means she has completed two years of training to become a Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP), and an additional year of training to become a certified clinical practitioner (EEM-CLP), and a fourth year of training to become an Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP). She has also completed teacher training and teaches both short courses as well as the first year of Certification Training (Level 1).

Each year contains different learning modules, some of which are listed below.

To become a Certified Practitioner:

Year 1: Foundations: Energy Anatomy, Testing, and Tracking; Meridians; Five Rhythms; and certain Energy Techniques (magnets, balancing, working with unbalanced energies [reactive energies, irregular energies]), Neurovascular Reflex Points, Triple Warmer & Spleen, Auric Fields, Chakras, Radiant Circuits, Electrics, and Sensory Types (testing and working with). Special Techniques for balancing energies related to personal stress, emotions, pain, eye health, and relationships (ex. Relationships of love)

Year 2: Advanced Practices in Five Rhythms, Energy Tracking, Chakras, Radiant Circuits, Auric Fields, and advanced methods for working with hormones, pain, and emotions. Specialized Energy Balancing Techniques: Assemblage Point, Vortexes, Seed Points, Finger Modes, testing Substances (allergies, foods), The Five Disruptive Forces, Infusing Blood with Energy, Techniques for working with Color, and Emergency techniques: Shock and Stress

To become a Certified Clinical Practitioner:

Year 3: Clinical Practicum. This year deepens ones’ practice and includes specialized techniques for balancing energies for individuals undergoing health crises. For example, learning techniques and appropriate thought and application practices to work with individuals pre- and post-surgery, strengthen the immune system, or addressing energy imbalances related to heart conditions, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder or other conditions.

To become an Advanced Practitioner:

Year 4: This year include more in-depth and lengthier supervision and guidance focusing on techniques in two areas: the basic grid and regression. Working in these two areas requires both the individual and the client to be well-balanced energetically and to be ready for this critical, profound work. 

The Basic Grid is the foundation or infrastructure of all other energy systems. It is like the framework upon which all else is constructed. For those who can see energy, it appears as a graph of energy lines over which the chakras are situated. According to Donna Eden “If the Grid is impaired, all other energy systems in the body become compromised, less organized, less able to adapt, and less grounded. Physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma can break the Grid, affecting the energetic health of the whole person. Repairing the Grid re-establishes this core energy, which then has a positive, corrective influence on all the other energy systems. In situations where the Grid is badly damaged, the benefits of other energy interventions may not be sustained until the Grid has been repaired.”

Regression is a process, rather than an infrastructure or energy system. It is the process of energetically and psychologically returning to the time and place where core issues in our present lives became established. These issues may involve loss, betrayal, illness, injury, or other forms of trauma. They may be indicated by repetitious errors (such as selecting life mates that are controlling or unsuited for you, again and again), habitual patterns, or chronic conditions. According to Donna Eden, “When we have intractable physical, emotional, or energetic difficulties that seem to have no clear physical cause-and-effect relationships, a Regression session can illuminate how and when these patterns were created. In the energetic field of that earlier time, balancing and restoring disrupted energies using EEM techniques can be deeply healing. Sometimes a Regression session will bring the person to the time that the Grid was damaged and lead to Grid work. Conversely, Grid work can often bring a person back to an earlier period and may lead to a Regression session.

Dr. Rice has also completed additional training in Advanced Chakras and Diamond Inlay with Donna Eden, Harmonize the Fire with Melanie Smith, and Emotional Freedom Technique/Energy Psychology with David Feinstein.

Dr. Rice is listed among the EEM practitioner list on Donna Edens’ Innersource website. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Energy Psychology

Dr. Valerie Rice is a Certified EFT Practitioner.

She has met and exceeded all requirements set forth by the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques (AAMET) and EFT Training for Mastery.

The certification process requires completion of Level 1 and Level 2 training, which Dr. Rice completed, both for AAMET and for EFT Universe. In addition, she passed the online Practitioner Exam via the AAMET International website. After passing the classroom coursework, Dr. Rice was required to continue studies with both reading and video work, and finished her certification with case studies and mentoring through Jondi Whitis’ EFT Training for Mastery.  Jondi is the author of How to be a Great Detective, the art of questioning.

Valerie Rice also attended two training sessions conducted by David Feinstein,Ph.D. Dr. Feinstein is the author or co-author of 17 books, including The Promise of Energy Psychology; Personal Mythology: Using Ritual, Dreams, and Imagination to Discover Your Inner Self; Energy Psychology Interactive : Self-Help Guide; Ethical Handbook for Energy Psychology Practitioners; and Dream to Freedom : A Handbook for Integrating Dreamwork and Energy Psychology.

In addition, Dr. Rice’s certification in Eden Energy Medicine gives her additional skills that directly relate to and can be used during Energy Psychology / EFT counseling interventions. Coupled with her years of work as an Occupational Therapist, her sessions help the client to develop insights that lead to significant personal and life changes – for the better! As her mentor would say, the interventions are transformative and can “help you feel better fast”.

Dr. Rice has also developed an Energy-based Stress Management (EBSM) program.

This is an 8-week program, with an additional full day of guided energy-based self-treatment. This class is offered when a sufficient number of individuals express an interest. This is a great class for learning to manage stress using meridian energy-based techniques using both direct techniques and “borrowed benefits” of being with others in the group.

Please contact Dr. Valerie Rice to schedule an appointment or for any questions you may have.