Psychic Development Training

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Intuitive-Psychic Development Circle with Energy Medicine (PDC-EM)

Level 1

Intuitive (Psychic) Development Circle with Eden Energy Medicine: Focusing on Joy, Vitality, & Resilience

Develop YOUR Intuition based on the Radiant Circuits!

We have the ability to communicate.
Guidance sought, is guidance gained.
Learn to Listen to Your Wise-One-Withing (WOW!) and to your Guides, Guardians and Angels!
The combining of a Psychic Circle, Eden Energy Medicine, Meditation, and like-minded individuals is POWERFUL.
This is a brand new class. There is no other class like this one!
THIS class is an entry-level class with a purely positive focus.
– Classes are once a week via Zoom
– Six 2-hr. classes
– Next class TBA
#1 Sign-Up before 25 Dec. and receive a free reading
#2 Sign-Up for 2 classes for $300 a savings of $50 ($250 for returning students – also a savings of $50)

Entry Level (2 classes):
– Intuition/Psychic Development Circle with Eden Method/Energy Medicine: Basic Skills (PDC-EM: Basic)
– Intuition/Psychic Development Circle with Eden Method/Energy Medicine: Focusing on Joy, Vitality, & Resilience (PDC-EM: Joy)
Advanced Level (Pre-recquisite Required: PDC-EM: Basic)
– Intuition/Psychic Development Circle with Eden Method/Energy Medicine: Leading a Guided Life (PDC-EM: Leading a Guided Life)
– Intuition/Psychic Development Circle with Eden Method/Energy Medicine: Raising Our Vibration (PDC-EM: Raising Our Vibration

What will we do?

This is a small group of like-minded people who wish to practice, and further develop, their skills. Each week the group will learn and practice different techniques to protect and connect with their guides. As an attendee, you will discover how you best receive messages (which “Clair” are you?), identify who you are communicating with (guides, angels, etc.); detect your codes & ciphers; and complete practical exercises with one another.

Why should you take this from me?

While I have had psychic experiences all my life, I did no focus on them and had a long career in health care, ergonomics, and research within the U.S. military. For the last ten years I have conducted research on mindfulness meditation, studied seven years of Energy Medicine (including training to teach EEM and Emotional Freedom Technique). Each of these has increased my psychic abilities. Over the last few years, I’ve also taken psychic development classes and attended psychic development circles. I am not a life-long working psychic. I’m a newbie too. I’m very excited about my new abilities and grown and want to share it with you. So, the cost is low, my enthusiasm is high, and I believe those who are led to grow with this group will find me. I’m excited to meet those chosen ones!

“I loved this class. Please let me know about your sleep class and anything else you are offering. I’ll take it all if I can!”

Leading a Guided Life

Level 2

The Psychic Development Circle w/ Energy Medicine Level 2 (PDC w/ EM Level 2) takes attendees to deeper level of connection with Spirit Guides and Angels in order to develop “A Guided Life”.

Topics include:

  • Connecting with Ancestral Guides
  • Aligning Purpose with Ancestral Guidance
  • Identifying Generational Gifts
  • Connecting with your Guardian Angel & the Ministry
  • Deep readings with (and for) one another
  • Automatic Writing
  • Keeping Guides Close
  • Leading a Guided Life…….and so much more!

– Classes are once a week via Zoom
– Six 2-hr classes  
– Next class TBA

Why should you take this from me?

This class addresses a longing I had all my life, perhaps you have wished it for yourself too. I always wanted to be in such close contact with God/Source/Great Spirit/the Divine that I would lead a life that is Guided. A life in which I can seek and receive Heavenly input for difficult decisions and questions I might have. This class helps you develop the skills, connections, and practices to lead such a life.

*Level 1 Class (Psychic Development Circle with Energy Medicine) is a required prerequisite.

Raising Our Vibration

Level 3

There are six levels of Vibration that we move between while on earth. A seventh level of Vibration follows our transition from this life into the next. 

  • There are actions we can take to raise our vibration
  • Other actions will lower our vibration.
  • There are colors associated with each level.
  • Different lessons are to be learned per Vibration Level.

This class focuses on personal Spiritual Evolution. It is a clear adding of the spiritual realm to holistic healing, health, and well-being.

Raising Your Vibration can:

  • Change your life.
  • Develop and expand your skills so you’ll feel empowered.
  • Broaden and enlighten your spiritual life.
  • Bring happiness to your life.
  • Help you co-create a more vibrant life

During Class, we learn about one of the Seven Levels each week. We connect with Spirit and identify what we need to improve/work with at that Level. The class meets every other week and in between classes, we work on what has been identified during class.

– Six 2-hour classes via Zoom (+bonus session)
– Next Class TBA

Why should you take this from me?

As I entered the world of being an Energy Medicine Practitioner, I read about increasing ones’ vibrational level. It sounded beautiful to me. Donna Eden’s work (the Eden Method, Eden Energy Medicine) embraced the slogan “Raising the Vibration of the World, One Person at a Time”.

Yet, at that time I saw no books or articles on what the vibrational levels were or how one might move between levels…or perhaps there were no levels, only higher and lower movements on a single spectrum.

To me, it sounded like moving up the ladder of personal Spiritual Evolution.  A clear adding of the spiritual realm to holistic healing, health, and well-being of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. So, during a meditative connection with God/Great Spirit/My Guides, I asked for information on our Vibration and on Vibration Levels. I was shown 6 Vibration Levels. When speaking with my mentor and teacher at the time (Candice Thomas), she asked how many levels there were and I blurted out “Seven!” with “the Seventh Level occurring after our life here on earth.” This class is based on the information I have received during conversations with Spirit.

*The pre-requisites for the class are the Psychic Development Circle with Energy Medicine and the Leading a Guided Life classes. This is important so that each member of the class has sharpened their intuition / psychic abilities during the pre-requisite classes and we can do readings for one another in this advanced class.