What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is the practice of assessing one’s energies, which can become blocked, stuck, or sluggish. During treatment an energy medicine practitioner provides interventions to help the body resume it’s natural energy flow. Your body then helps itself to heal.

Energy Medicine uses the body’s own energy to help an individual feel better physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually. Working with your energies is invigorating and revitalizing. It can bring greater vitality and balance, clearer thinking and awareness, and make you more durable and resilient.

Imagine a more vibrant version of you!

Energy is a moving force for health and happiness.

Examples of energy practices include: Acupuncture, Eden Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, Reiki, Touch for Health, and Yoga.

Eden Energy Medicine incorporates Eastern Medicine evaluation and treatment techniques such as acupressure, meridian tracing, Chakras, Auras and various treatments designed specifically for “what ails you”.  Unlike other energy therapies, Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) incorporates 9 energetic systems, allowing for highly customized individual/private sessions.

With EEM, clients are trained to help themselves, greatly improving successful outcomes as well as a sense of control about one’s own mind, body, and health.

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VitaLife Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Training is also available.

Benefits of Energy Medicine

Some of the numerous benefits of Energy Medicine therapy inclue – 

Relieve Stress

Strengthen Immune System

Diminish Pain

Decrease Anxiety

Manage Weight

Relieve Allergies

Improve Digestion

Accelerate Recovery

Overcome Life-long Blockages, Self-defeating Beliefs, and Patterns of Behavior

Embrace Life with Greater Joy and Peace

Sharpen Thinking

Increase Energy

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