What is Eden Energy Medicine (The Eden Method)?

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) focuses on assessing and realigning a person’s energies, which can become blocked, stuck, sluggish, or disorganized. Our energies have a natural flow, designed for health and healing. Energy Medicine uses the body’s own energies to stimulate physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual well-being and fitness. In my practice, I restore your energies and teach you how to invigorate and revitalize them. It is within your power to co-create your own vitality and balance, clear thinking and awareness, as well as resilience and flexibility.

Imagine a more vibrant version of you!

Energy Medicine incorporates Eastern Medicine techniques such as acupressure, meridian tracing, Chakras, Auras and various treatments to recondition your inner flows of energy.  Unlike other energy therapies, EEM incorporates 9 energetic systems, allowing for highly customized individual/private sessions. Most energy medicine practices use fewer energetic systems. For example, according to Susan Stone (StoneHealthCenter.com), who practices both Acupuncture and EEM, acupuncture uses a single energy system. 

As mentioned, clients are also trained to help themselves, greatly improving successful outcomes. Examples of energy practices include: Acupuncture, Eden Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, Reiki, Touch for Health, Yoga, and Meditation.

Benefits of Eden Energy Medicine

Because our energies influence every part of our being, EEM interventions can assist with any physical, emotional, cognitive, or spiritual challenges we face. A few reasons individuals have sought my assistance with EEM include (but are not limited to):

  • Calming Stress and Anxiety

  • Coping with Emotions, Distress, or Depression

  • Diminishing or Eliminating Pain

  • Discovering Energetic Components and Influences of Illness and Injury

  • Allergy Relief

  • Identifying personal challenges and rectifying energy flows to eradicate them (fibrocystic disease, ossification, tumor-like masses, deep spiritual healing…)

  • Identifying their Life Purpose(s)

  • Investigating Past Life Regression

  • Feeling Connect to Other People or to Life

  • Identifying Ways to Remain Energetically Positive throughout Pregnancy

  • Strengthening the Immune System (including coughs, colds, and COVID)

  • Weight Management

  • Accelerating Recovery from Illness or Surgery

  • Overcoming Life-long Blockages, Self-defeating Beliefs, and Patterns of Behavior

  • Creating and Embracing Life with Greater Joy and Peace

  • Sharpening their Thinking, Memory, and Creativity

  • Increasing Daily Energy and diminishing Fatigue

  • Self-Discovery

What's Offered

Individual Eden Energy Medicine Sessions

Eden Method Fundamentals Program

Business Hires: For education and training packages for your business, please contact Dr. Rice personally at Valerie@VitaLifeCenter.com.

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Scheduling Appointments & Prices

Appointments can be scheduled following a free consultation with Dr. Rice, for prices and descriptions click HERE.

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Two Specific Interventions People Ask About:

Two very deep and sacred ways of working with body, mind, and spirit are Regression and The Basic Grid. Individuals who have successfully completed 4 years of EEM training are qualified to for working with clients using regression.  These individuals have the title of Advanced Practitioner (AP).


In this case regression refers to therapeutic techniques that assist clients in remembering earlier times in their life that they may have forgotten, but perhaps still has an impact on their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

In EEM, regressions are used to take someone to the origin of an issue (physical, emotional, cognitive), or to a time of joy or particular strength. This can mean helping them reach back to earlier in this lifetime or into a past life. The ‘past’ that one experiences during regression may be real or it may be metaphorical. It may be the body and minds way of communicating to an individuals’ awareness. Whichever it is, a regression session can cultivate an internal awareness that brings understanding to patterns in one’s life, thus enabling a person to begin to heal and change unhealthy patterns. A regression session may also identify personal gifts and strengths that can be nurtured and enriched.

Personally, I have seen a regression session

  • change unwanted behaviors / habits post-regression
  • help individuals understand their relationships with their children, spouses, pets, as well as those they do not get along with
  • explain long engrained communication difficulties
  • help a client to recognize the origins of unexplained fears or persistent pains
  • yield an appreciation of how a clients’ life and their emotions differ than those of others
  • bring past strengths into the present

More information on Regression interventions may be found at:

Eden Energy Medicine – Regression

The Basic Grid

The Basic Grid is tantamount to the weight-bearing basic scaffolding in a house. It is your own energy foundation and supports ALL of your other energy systems (meridians, chakras, aura, etc.). The Basic Grid can become damaged through trauma or shock. Similar to the chassis of a car after an accident, if not repaired correctly, the car may never quite run the way it should.

Unfortunately, a damaged Grid rarely repairs itself. However, tributaries, compensations, and compromises do their best to make up for the damages to the Grid. One can have a full life without repairing the Grid, but will lack full support due to a damaged energetic foundation. That is, they may not be “running on full cylinders”.

As profound as these energies are for our health, the Basic Grid is not depicted in any other healing tradition (as identified by Donna Eden).

Personally, I have seen a Grid Repair

  • change unwanted behaviors / habits immediately post-regression
  • slowly (as integration occurred) opened an individual to their own series of intense emotional reactions, ultimately allowing their authentic self to emerge
  • alter what they considered most important/crucial in work and relationships, resulting in financial raises, promotions, and more fulfilling relationships
  • yield a new sense of ‘waking up to their own life and happiness’, with life progressing with more enthusiasm and flowing ever more easily
  • create a difficult, irritable stage during which the individual was forced to look closely into the things that impacted their irritability, ultimately leading to friendship and lifestyle alterations.

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