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These acupoints do A LOT. Multitalented and effectual for hundreds of issues, they are junction points which influence each of our meridians, as well as our other eight energy systems. These points can be added to your file for working with colds, coughs, and respiratory issues – along with the posting from last week. Activating them addresses respiratory symptoms of nose, sinus, and chest congestion; shallow, labored, or wheezy breathing; too much mucus or phlegm; hacking and coughing; and throat soreness.

Thank goodness, they are also helpful for relieving stress and anxiety, which seem to be constant companions for many of us, for stress can weaken our immune reactions. Massaging or tapping the K-27 acupoints supports our immune system. Some of you are super helpers yourselves, working so hard to assist others that you end up exhausted. Tapping these points regularly lifts our exhaustion and reduces adrenal fatigue.

Working with these two points can be revitalizing. As taught in an Eden Energy Medicine class, tapping these points is like jumpstarting your energies when you are feeling depleted and drained.

So, here’s to raising our energy, supporting our physical and emotional selves, and feeling better!

May you be loved.
May you love.
May you be – love