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Emotions, Illness, and EFT

RESEACH SAYS: Thoughts and Emotions Impact Our Health

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, tapping) is a complementary approach improving emotional health. EFT typically involves tapping meridian endpoints while making statements about about an emotion that is negatively affecting ones’ behaviors and life. The title ”Emotional Freedom Technique” speaks to the goal of eliminating or decreasing the hold that negative emotions have on a person. Statements about this may include:

“It’s like my emotions control my life.”

“I can’t stop thinking about it and feel upset all the time”

”Can’t I have even a moment of peace?”

EFT has been found to be effective for depression, PTSD, anxiety, and pain, and is undergoing research as to its’ effectiveness with physical healing and enhancing positive change. This suggestion for the use of EFT with colds is published on-line here:  The process is derived from positive results by EFT practitioners with their patients.

It’s quick and it’s easy. I’m trying it, how about you? If you are reluctant to try this on your own, contact and EFT practitioner. They can work with you in-person or via ZOOM. Full disclosure: yes, I am an EFT practitioner.

May you be well. May your negative thoughts be few, and your positive thoughts be many.