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The Dali Lama said my religion is kindness. How beautiful it would be if we could live our lives in constant kindness to others and to ourselves. But what underlies our capability for kindness? It is love. Love, caring, and concern lead to kind thoughts, words, and deeds.  

I recently read a couple posts on facebook that were foreboding. One stated that during meditation, the writer was being shown that a darkness was coming, something very bad will be happening on this earth. (yes, somethings that are awful are already happening). The second post stated that healing/helping individuals are now pulling into themselves and being less willing to share themselves and their skills. Presumably due to their not wanting to be vulnerable. Readers posted their own agreement with both.

I impeach those of you gifted with abilities to help others. Do not retreat into yourselves. Instead, use such information, such statements, as a rallying call to use your gifts and find ways to make the world a better place. The world calls to you, to us, to do what we can. We have these abilities for a reason.

Plant gardens or trees, purifying the air we breathe and bringing nature close by. How lovely it is to walk or drive past a home with beautiful nature surrounding it. Do readings for people, bringing hope and peace in times of crises or sorrow. Bring your healing forth. Look upon others with compassion. 

Each time you touch the earth, the heart of a person or animal, each bit of love you offer  – travels around the world altering atmosphere and auras. 

We’ve heard it said that We are All Connected. Let’s continue the sentence into our lives…

We are All Connected in Love.