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Hook-up for the Holidays


Here is some help for the holiday season and after!1. The Hook-up creates a connection between your central meridian (which sends energy up the front of your body) and governing meridian (which sends energy up your spine), bridging the energies between the front and back of your body and between your head and torso. Holding these points:

  • helps create your cosmic circle.
  • strengthens your aura.
  • increases your coordination.
  • calms the nervous system.
  • quickly centers a person.

I have used the hook-up shown in #1 in emergencies, as have colleagues and students. Thus, helping a man regain consciousness following a heart attack, bringing someone ‘around’ after fainting, and preventing a fall onto a glass coffee table due to fainting.

I also do #1 hook-up daily, and both #1 and #2 to help with thinking during the day…and to help myself sleep at night!

The #1 hook-up can be found on page 98-99 of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Book.

Hope your holidays are happy!

Valerie Rice