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Holiday Indigestion

Good Day! Some tips for the holiday regarding indigestion…

Eating too fast leads to over-eating. Eating due to stress can lead to over-eating. Sitting down to an incredible Christmas dinner can also lead to over-eating or eating too many high fat foods.

Over-eating can lead to feeling nauseated and cause indigestion (or make it worse).

Here are 3 acupoints that can help wit indigestion.

Acupoint Stomach 36 is one of the most powerful points on your body. It helps energy and blood, gets rid of damp, strengthens your digestion (spleen and stomach), strengthens the body, can relax one spiritually, and relieves pain. It is a great point when fatigued, in pain, or experiencing gastrointestinal concerns.

Other points you can use for indigestion including tapping Spleen Meridian end points which are on the side of your torso (below the armpit), about where a bra strap would be. This helps with metabolism!

I bet some of you reading this will have additional suggestions!


Valerie Rice