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The Anti-Inflammatory Power of Grounding

This article uses grounding and earthing interchangeably. The authors define grounding/earthing as occurring when the physical body comes into direct contact with “the natural electric charge of the earth (electrons)”. This energetic connection includes the dynamic Shumann resonances at approximately 8 cycles per second (7.83 Hz). When conducted to our human bodies, they have been shown to “attenuate the inflammatory response, reduce red blood cell aggregation, improve heart rate variability, and have a favorable impact on blood viscosity”. While grounding is not a panacea, research has demonstrated that grounding has reduced inflammation and pain, yielded better sleep, accelerated wound healing, improved blood flow, reduced stress (reducing cortisol levels), and improved vagus-nerve tone among premature babies. Grounding may even assist in therapy for those experiencing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

According to this publication, grounding offers cellular restoration and energy through reinforcing the mitochondria transport chain that produces ATP, which is essential for life.

I am thrilled the research is showing the benefits of grounding.

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