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Emotional Freedom Technique Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

Nurses are exposed to extraordinary stress during a pandemic, including extra hours of work, having patients die, experiencing conditions in which patients and their loved ones cannot be with one another, and considering whether they will contract the disease.

This single session online EFT intervention immediately reduced nurses stress, anxiety, and burnout. This immediate result, compared with no change after relaxing in a tranquil environment, demonstrated a coping method that has effect ”right here, right now”. While the study did not include multiple tapping sessions over time or measuring whether the positive impact of the single session lasted over time, both considerations deserve research attention.

For me, this shows that I too can benefit for EFT. I also anticipate that doing this regularly would keep my stress and anxiety low and stave off symptoms of burnout.

For my EFT clients, it shows that you can learn to impact your own stress, anxiety, and burnout. You may want several sessions to understand how the process works, but this is a great self-help tool for you!



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