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Acupressure Reduced Fatigue Among Cancer Patients

Energy Medicine includes any energetic or informational interaction with a biological system to bring homeostasis in the organism, including a human. Eden Energy Medicine uses techniques such as acupressure and biofield therapy to bring balance to the body’s 9 energetic systems, the meridians, chakras, aura, radiant circuits, triple warmer, celtic weave, five rhythms, electrics, and the basic grid. This particular study focused on the meridian energetic system using acupressure (physical touch, tapping, rubbing, or holding, rather than using needles).

Fatigue is a frequent symptom during chemotherapy. While the body does need to rest, patients want to feel energetic so they can do necessary tasks and enjoy their lives. This study offers a non-medication intervention to help with fatigue that has now been evaluated and found to be effective!

An individual can work with these points themselves or they can have a certified practitioner, qualified to work with acupressure points, hold the points for them. In this study, the acupressure points were pressed for 2 minutes, holding both sides of the body simultaneously, immediately after the start and the end of a chemotherapy session. Fingers were pressed gently on the point, with a gradual increase until the patient voiced a sensation of soreness.

While not a cure, reducing fatigue certainly helps! No studies to date have investigated the use of these three points on a more regular basis, but I’d certainly be interested in seeing those results, as well as more studies using acupressure!

For potential clients, please know this is not the only way that a certified practitioner can help you with fatigue, pain, liver and kidney function, etc. There are more studies ‘out there’ should you want to try complimentary medicine along with traditional western medicine.

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