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Strengthening Liver

The busy liver! The liver (like the kidney) filters the blood, breaking down noxious (poisonous) substances such as drugs and alcohol, while producing bile. Bile helps digest fats and carries wastes away.

The liver metabolizes, detoxifies, synthesizes proteins, digests, and stores minerals and vitamins.

Like the kidney, the liver is especially hard at work when we take medications that are especially strong and/or we take long term. Therefore, during chemotherapy, or chronic illness requiring medication, it is important to Keep Liver Strong!

Massaging this point, on both feet, sends energy directly to your liver.

Physically, it helps with vision and dry eyes, muscles and tendons, nails and hair, as well as the feeling of being “stuck”.

Emotionally, it helps reduce anger and sadness, resentment and frustration, and irritability and bitterness.

Spiritually and as a Wood Element meridian, it is also associated with forward vision and progress, regeneration, vitality, optimism, and hope.