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Acupressure for Circulation – 3 of 3

Good circulation is essential for our health. Every organ and every cell requires sufficient blood and oxygen to operate properly. Wounds heal faster, the heart healthy, your skin more supple, and brain function more astute.  

This is the large intestine acupoint LI-4. It has many uses, particularly for blood circulation in the body and brain. With increased blood circulation and oxygenation in the brain, there are improvements in cognitive functioning and brain health. Massage the muscle located in the groove between the index finger and thumb. The pressure should be firm, but if it is painful, you can rub it gently. With time, you may be able to rub it more firmly. Rub in a circular motion for 8 to 16 circles on each hand several times a day.

*Acupressure and Eden Energy Medicine are considered Complimentary Medicines, so be sure and consult your physician.