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Acupressure for Circulation – 1 of 3

Having a well-functioning circulatory system is imperative for health. The veins carry oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to cells, while arteries carry waste products, such as carbon dioxide for removal. Narrow vessels can slow, or even block, blood flow.

Diet, exercise, reducing stress, and quitting smoking (it damages blood vessel walls and causes plaque accumulation in veins) will improve circulation. In addition, there are acupoints that can help.

Central Meridian acupoint 17 helps with both blood circulation and overall Qi (energy) in the body. Among other benefits, using this point can help resolve an anxiety attack, calm heart palpitation, balance our emotions and decrease tension. It is a great point for self-care.

*Acupressure and Eden Energy Medicine are considered Complimentary Medicine, so be sure to consult your physician.