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Mindfulness-Based Training

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So many college students face difficulties and ‘burn out’ from the stress and pressure of making the grade, learning to fit it with others, being on their own, learning to organize and use their time well, and all the other demands of being a student away from home. For many, it is the first time they have lived away from home. Should they suffer and loose their way, many will leave school, become depressed, and lose of self-confidence. This research shows that mindfulness-based training programs effectively reduced burnout among college students, and the effect appears to be mediated by changes in mindfulness levels. Thus, being mindful…learning to be mindful…helps keep our children on the college learning track. It is also a wonderful, life-long coping strategy.


Gan, R., Xue, J. & Chen, S. Do Mindfulness-Based Interventions Reduce Burnout of College Students in China? A Randomized Controlled Trial.Mindfulness (2023).