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Lung Source Point

Source Points are acupressure points. Each of the 14 meridians has its’ own Source Point, where extra energy is stored. Activating one of these points sends concentrated energies to the organ(s) associated with that meridian, revitalizing the organ and speeding healing. Some refer to a source point as a Shu-stream or Chi-stream, meaning that extra energy is dispersed from this point. 

Research shows those with asthma emanate lower infrared output from this Source Point (left side), compared to those who don’t have (and have never had) asthma. In addition, a greater range of temperature between left and right acupoints are found in healthy vs. active asthma patients (Zhou et al., 2012). Acupoint have higher surface temperature than nonacupoint locations on the skin (Yang et al., 2017).

I have had lung problems in my life including aspergillus (farmers lung), which left me with hyperactive airway disease and asthma. Certainly, I was more vulnerable, as a simple cold quickly became pneumonia. Strong medications saved my life, yet left their own damaging side-effects. 

I am much, much better. I use this point when I have breathing or lung problems, when I have a cold or allergies seem present. I have used it for hiccups. You might use it for coughing, wheezing, dry – scratchy throat or shortness of breath. It can be also be used for phlegm and pain along the Lung meridian. 

Try it and see if it helps. You’ll need to use it more than once. I gently massage this point four or more times a day when having an issue. Remember this is complimentary health, to be used alongside Western Medicine – your doctors orders. 

May you be safe, happy, and living a Vital Life.



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