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Herniated Disk & Sciatica – Part 2 of 5


As another method of working with Bladder Meridian, when I could not sit and hold the sedating points, I tapped the meridian endpoints. The endpoints are on the inside of the eye brow and on the lateral side of the small toe (near the toe nail). You can tap, hold, or rub the points. I prefer to do this with both points on one side (right or left) first, then do so on the other side. I do this for 1-2 minutes. If I am out somewhere, and I can’t do the toes, I do just the eyes. They can be done one at a time, or simultaneously.

I look forward to hearing if these work for you.
Valerie   Chattanooga, TN
Eden Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness


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