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Herniated Disk & Sciatica – Part 1 of 5


This series of Wellness Slides shows the exercises that helped me. I’m hoping they will help others with a similar issue. I’ll be sharing a number of methods, so try each one and see what works for you. 

Years ago I injured myself lifting while on Active Duty in the U.S. Army. With age, it has worsened, becoming a herniated disk with scoliosis.

I tried a couple of things suggested by others on the facebook Eden Energy Medicine sites (as well as things I knew), without reduction of pain or tingling. I sedated gall bladder and circulation sex meridians, and worked on irregular energies on gall bladder points. I did figure 8’s over the areas of pain (left hip deep inside, base of coccyx, and sometimes across my lower back). I also have tingling in my right instep and first two toes, as well as heaviness on the back of my left leg and tingling in my heel. ALL the time. 

What makes it worse? Standing, sitting, walking, stairs, basically most all movement. What makes it feel better? Medication and once I fall asleep I don’t feel it. Physical Therapy has not helped with the symptoms either, although it is helping me tighten important, supportive muscles groups. 

So – what has helped? So far, these are what has helped and they helped immediately. They did not cure anything, but reduced the pain enough for me to walk around with A LOT less pain:

– Doing Chakra (Vortex) clearing over each area of pain
– Sedating bladder meridian
– Sedating the meridian whose neurolymphatic points are beside the herniated disk (Triple Warmer)

I’ve also gone ahead and stretched and pinched over the area of the disk herniation, again started sedating Circulation Sex and Gall Bladder meridians, and I am planning to add pain tapping and a couple of exercises. 

Here, I’m showing the first two things that worked for me. Chakra (vortex) clearing and Sedating Bladder meridian. I’ll be sharing more each week.

What worked for me, may help you. If it doesn’t, do not be discouraged because one of the techniques I share are very likely to help. Try each one for several days to a week and see how you feel. If it does change things for you, try the next method I offer…and then the next. Even better, if there is an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner near you, schedule a series of appointments with them (maybe 4) as they can personalize the sessions for YOUR body.

Hope to hear from you after you try it!

Image from Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine (rev. ed.). Tarcher/Putnam, 2008.
Artist: Cindy Cohn