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Topsy Turvy Tax Time

It is tax time in the U.S. It is enough to throw anyone off balance, especially with new tax laws to learn, filing deadlines, and remembering or finding receipts! I was talking with a friend recently and we realized that the stress tax season can cause disruptions in ones’ energy field. Polarities can reverse, confidences can be shaken, and energies can become irregular. These irregular energies may be ‘frozen’, ‘submerged’ or ‘reversed’, which means the north and south poles of our body’s energies are no longer clearly north and south. 

There are several things you can do.

  • First, spend time with your feet because they draw energy from the earth.
    • Massage both the bottom and the top of your feet, especially at the area marked by the circle on the picture of the foot, stretch the skin and muscles of the bottom of your feet.
    • Second, take a stainless-steel spoon and rub it over the bottom of your feet. It may sound silly, but it can help you feel less scattered and more grounded by creating an electromagnetic connection between the metal in your cells and the earth.
  • Second, strengthen your central meridian.
    • This can be done by placing the palm side of your fingers on the top, center of your pubic bone and sliding them up, past your navel, up the center of your chest and stopping on our chin, between the tip of your chin and your mouth. Called the ‘zip-up’, this can help you feel more confident, think more clearly, and protect yourself from negative energies from others or situations around you.
    • Once you have ‘zipped-up’, you can move your fingers/hand as if you are locking the meridian closed, this lets your psyche know that you are in your own power and no one and no event can bring you (or your central meridian) down.

You can also see an energy medicine practitioner, who will work with you on irregular energies, as these can be a little ornery and difficult to change! But you may want to try these techniques on your own and see if they help!