VitaLife Insight - Lessons from the Chair


VitaLife Insight – Lessons from the Chair



Upon receiving instructions to go out and commune with nature, the class ventures forth. This is one woman’s story of that encounter and the spiritual message passed on to her. This book shares her experience and invites the reader to become involved in the journey. Children and adults alike will enjoy this book and delight in interpreting and discussing its possible meaning. Is it a ghost or a spirit? Is it nature talking or a dream? And is the message for Valerie, the class, for the world, or specifically for you, the reader? This book will bring you face-to-face with the mystical in a gentle manner, inspiring conversation and dialogue with friends and family.



Author:  Valerie Vita
Number of Pages:  34
Format:  Paperback
Language:  English
Year Published:  2015
Price:  $19.94  (free shipping)

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