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We are a conglomeration of our experiences. Our past experiences impact who we are, and how we act and react to current experiences. A past hurt may creep into our today and remind us not to be “too happy” as happiness doesn’t last. A past joy may invade our present and prompt a smile at a yellow rose, such as the one we wore at our high school prom. Sometimes, becoming aware of events in our past can help us heal in order to live a more full and vital life.

Psychiatrists, and other health care professionals, sometimes use the process of regression to assist their clients in viewing earlier times in a persons’ life that they may have forgotten, but perhaps still has an impact on their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. In Energy Medicine, regressions are used to take someone to the origin of an issue (physical, emotional, cognitive), or maybe to a time of joy or particular strength. The ‘past’ that one experiences during regression may be real or it may be metaphorical. It may be an experience from this life or perhaps from another. Whichever it is, a regression session can cultivate an internal awareness that brings understanding to patterns in one’s life, thus enabling a person to begin to heal and change unhealthy patterns. A regression session may also identify personal gifts and strengths that can be nurtured and enriched.

There are many books and articles available regarding regression. Personally, I have seen individuals participate in a regression session and:

  • improve their relationships and communication skills
  • begin to live their lives instead of waiting to become fully and happily involved
  • discover reasons for their negative behavior patterns that occurred (un-remembered) during childhood and quickly begin to change those patterns for the better
  • bring greater understanding to their relationships with their children, partners, colleagues and friends
  • find un-discovered strengths and abilities within themselves that they did not know they had
  • understand why they don’t stand up for themselves and change that behavior patterns
  • find resolve and motivation
  • discover what brings them happiness and then bring it into their lives more regularly
  • uncover events that impacted eating patterns, how they cope with stress, and how they manage illness and chronic conditions, and consequently alter those patterns

Regression Questions YOU may have:

When should I think about pursuing a regression session?

While you may be curious and therefore seek the experience of a regression session, this is not the purpose of such a session. Some reasons you might benefit from such a session are when:

  • You want to explore the origin of a negative pattern in your life
  • You have fears or feelings that seem to have no basis in the reality of your life. For example, if you are afraid of dogs (or horses, the unknown, water, bridges, relationships – you name it!), but you cannot identify anything in your life that may have caused these fears
  • You have feelings or images that don’t make sense, yet intrude on your everyday life – keeping you from doing things you’d like to do
  • You respond in an over-exaggerated way to certain things, places, or people and you don’t understand why
  • You have health challenges that don’t respond as expected to interventions
  • You have an unhealthy pattern your life (eating or drinking too much or too little, exaggerated worry or anxiety, chronic pain, etc.) and you can’t seem to change the pattern
  • You want to explore your core issues, rather than being told by others what to do
  • you seem to have re-occurring themes in your life that you’d like to explore more deeply

How is a regression in Eden Energy Medicine different from what another health care provider or other professional might do?

Energy Medicine Professionals work with energy. During an energy medicine regression, you will be invited to explore your past, along-side the practitioner as a partnership. Energy testing is done before, during, and after the session, and energies are balanced throughout the session. This helps the healing process, as the practitioner uses techniques to support your healthy energy flow during this re-experiencing of past events that may have been challenging or difficult.

Is a regression psychotherapy?

Energy Medicine Practitioners focus on your energy, energetic patterns, and energy flows throughout and surrounding your body. While improving your energy patterns may encourage you to change behaviors, thoughts, perceptions and emotions, Energy Medicine Practitioners do not practice psychotherapy unless they have additional credentialing in that field.

How do I prepare for such a session?

First, make certain the practitioner you are working with has received specialized training in this technique, and that they have completed and graduated from their training or they are currently engaged in such training with a certified practitioner. Second, participate fully in the pre-regression evaluations and preparations that your practitioner guides you through. This may include energetically working on other issues or health conditions, practicing energy techniques daily (as provided by your practitioner), discussing what may (and what may not) occur during the session, and coming into the session prepared and ready. Your practitioner will guide you in getting your other energies into balance before the regression session. Third, know that you do not have to believe in past lives or hold any particular set of beliefs. As mentioned earlier, the experience may be metaphorical, bringing you an experience that helps you to more deeply understand your current patterns and behaviors. Fourth, be open and curious. This is a learning experience to bring greater understanding, peace, and compassion to you and your life. It is not about judgement of yourself, but bringing love and kindness to yourself and others.

Do I need a regression session to solve my current problem?

Not necessarily. The key to solving current problems does not always reside in a past life. Talk this over with your energy medicine practitioner.

What if I don’t believe in past lives?

You don’t have to have any particular beliefs to gain from a regression session. For example, during a session you may experience an event that happened in your childhood or earlier in your life, in a way that lets you see that experience in a different way. You may experience a symbolic representation of your current issue, so you understand the issue from another perspective. The representation can be like dreaming while you are awake, and even as dreams often reflect what is going on with us and have meaning, so too can the experiences that occur during regression.


Includes: Pre-session (2 hrs), Actual regression-grid repair session (2-5 hrs), Follow-up session (1.5-2 hrs)

*Please Note: Energy treatments are required before exploring Regression and Grid Repair advanced techniques.

Please contact for availability and to schedule your appointment PRIOR to payment.

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