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Advice to Remain Sane

  1. Look upon the restrictions as an opportunity – what can you do now that you’ve been putting off? Writing that book or article? Cleaning or arranging a good working area? Re-building or improving family relationships? ​​
  2. Find a way to stay in touch with others. Set up a group that focuses on one of the “opportunities” you’ve identified above and email​​ one another or virtually meet. Maybe that closet you’ve been meaning to clean will inspire others! Call someone every couple of days just to say hello, see how they are doing, and maybe care a funny or interesting story. Maybe even set up a ‘call chain’.
  3. Give and receive in-person or virtual hugs to those you care for and say it out-loud. For example, “I’m now wrapping my arms around you and giving you the biggest virtual hug you’ve probably ever had!”
  4. Go outside and get some vitamin D. Intake the sounds and notice each one. Take a walk. This will boost your energy and attitude. This is also a way to get some ‘people time’ without getting within 6 feet of one another! Wave to neighbors, say hello, let them know you are there for them if they need something (you might mention what you could do…or not!). Some people will be happy with your sending good vibes or prayers. Some would like to know that you’ll share toilet paper, if necessary. Others might like someone to check on them once in a while (this can be done by phone).
  5. Get some exercise. This is easy. Pick up a can or a jug and lift it 5 – 10 times a couple times a day. Dance to a song. Tune in to an exercise show. Do chair pushups or on-the-floor pushups. It doesn’t have to be much, just enough to get your blood flowing. If you want to try something new, you can trace your meridians with me at the bottom of this page on my website:…​
  6. Set small goals. Whether this is for work or personal, it feels great to know you’ve accomplished something. Your goals for the day could be anything: eat at meal times, clean the sink, play with my child, compliment my spouse, do a load of laundry, work for 45 minutes and take a break, meditate for 10 minutes, listen to one positive YouTube recording, call one friend who is in need and one who makes me laugh….the list CAN go on and on! Call one person from your past, just to say hello – I’ve thought about you and wish you well!
  7. Be kind to yourself and to others. We are all under a strain. What if we did one kind thing for ourselves a day? A nice hot bath. A connection with a friend, sitting for 5 minutes and watching the trees sway outside, doing a loving-kindness meditation. What if we also did one kind thing for another each day? Send an email with a joke inside, call someone, put something together and deliver it to a neighbor (a book, a poem, bubble bath…). Especially be kind to those in service positions who are still out there serving us…those working in restaurants, gas stations, stores…

That’s it for right now.

​Be Kind. Be Loving. Be Well.