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From Overwhelmed to Overflowing: The Chrystalline Rainbow, Part One

So here it is. This life was meant to be lived. This earth was meant to be seen. These people were meant to be heard. Light was meant to shine in the darkness. Each time we see a light shining in the darkness we are reminded of the glory of the light. The glory of the earth. The glory of us, and the magnificence of it all. Be grateful to the light in the darkness for reminding us.

Who are we and where do we go in life and in death? Today and tomorrow, in bodied person, in thoughts, in deeds, indeed. Are we to scale the mountaintop or to find the mountaintop in poverty, as Mother Teresa did…or perhaps to find and flame the fire in everyone we meet, including family members?

We speak from the heart, when we can reach it. When we can feel it. When we let it exist and don’t close it off. Remove the wall. We feel our hearts grow large in heartfelt energy so big it feels like our chests are expanding to capacity, and then we see our hearts expanding all around us, reaching out, beyond our chests as our auras touch others with gentle kindness, even as we walk past and then we feel it not in our chest, but in our whole being. We are filled with light and others feel our peace.

Who are we? We are the natives, we are the warriors, we are the tribe that lives beside one another in tents of the mind, greeting each other by day, sharing what we have and know, whispering a positive good night come evening. We are the Amen (the I agree). We are connected, connecting, and forever in the Lord, the Spirit, the creator of all — we are connected with the galaxy beyond galaxies. We are one, we are all, we are a set of clouds traveling separate but together though life…through lives…through it all. There is no bridge too great that we cannot cross it – for we are led. We are.

We are the man on the plane, the woman sitting next to us, the collective in spirit light and color. We are.  Despite the noise, the distractions, the rigors of daily life, we come back again and again to the dark purple and magenta of the sky that oversees the shore, the mountains, the plains, the earth. We are one another and we are ourselves and…we are.

Can you feel this as you sit in quiet? As you walk on tree-lined paths? As the sunlight beams down upon you? Let it be. Let yourself feel the ultimate good. Breathe deeply, take in the air, take in the smells of the earth and the crackling newness after the rain. And know that this is true. I am one with the spirit, they know who we are we by our love.