Enhancing Motivation & Enthusiasm with Eden Energy Medicine



Do You Want to Increase:

Client Compliance?
Rapid Recovery?
Swift Showing of Improvement?

If so, this class is for YOU.

During this 2-Hour Class you will learn:

  • Motivation Exercises. Clients will stay on track with Self-Care Homework if they start out motivated.
  • A Mini-Motivation Protocol. This will improve motivation for those who are unmotivated.
  • Quality Questions for a EFT Tapping Route to Recuperation Acupressure, Eden Energy Medicine, & Meditation Motivation Exercises


2-hours (first class) via ZOOM

$75 for new students; $50 for returning students

17 November 12-2 pm EST


Why should you take this from me?

I first began putting together techniques to increase motivation to help myself. Additionally, I’ve noticed that some of my clients who are receiving interventions and education (via Eden Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindfulness Meditation, Occupational Therapy, and Ergonomics) do not follow through with their homework. Mind you, I give minimal homework specifically so clients will do the exercises that help with healing. Still, clients are not always faithful with their home exercises. SO – I started assigning clients one of the more than 15 motivation exercises I use myself. Motivation exercises are the first part of their homework. They include  acupressure, Eden Energy Medicine, a mini-motivation protocol, strong motivational vibrations, and Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) verbiage.

Guess what…it worked. I now get greater client compliance and my clients get better faster.

Why spend your time doing similar research on your own to discover these techniques?

Join me for this 2-hour ZOOM class so you can continue to help your clients, help themselves!

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Enhancing Motivation & Enthusiasm with Eden Energy Medicine

New Students, Returning Students