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Eden Energy Medicine Videos as Gifts to You

Daily Energy Routine

When Donna Eden was asked what a person could do, on a daily basis, to keep their energies running well, she developed a Daily Energy Routine (DER); below is one of the exercises from that routine. The full DER can be found here.

These exercises will help keep basic energies organized and healthy: including meridians, chakras, aura, radiant circuits and five more energy systems as identified by Donna Eden.

The full video was shown at the Spring Energy Event, an annual symposium focusing on Energy Work. Breathe and enjoy.

Tracing Meridians

Shown below, is an example of a meridian tracing (central meridian) used in EM. Tracing all fourteen meridians will keep them running as they are meant to: strong and in the appropriate direction. A playlist for all the meridians is found here.